Welcome To Okabe Nikoh Corporation


OKABE NIKOH CORPORATION aims to become a leader in MANUFACTURING AND PAINTING OF PRECISION METAL PARTS Together with the customers, the company strives to become an excellent corporate citizen that could pave the way to create a better society and a brighter future. To achieve such a goal, OKABE NIKOH CORPORATION seeks to attract highly motivated individuals who want to work as a team and share commitment, responsibility, risk taking and discipline. The company is willing to build a culture that promotes both a spirit for challenging new technologies and strong teamwork.


OKABE NIKOH CORPORATION will commit to the Philippines industrial innovations by bringing innovative technologies continuously from Japan, sharing these visions with its employees:

- Challenge new technology fronts which could bring better lives to people all over the world.
- Continuously improve our environmental commitment to the world.

SAFETY POLICY "Make Safety Away Of Life"

OKABE NIKOH CORPORATION will commit to creating a safe workplace with safety-oriented employees. - Our Supervisors and Managers implement this policy as a personal responsibility in the area for which they are accountable. It is the duty of every employee to cooperate with management and take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves as well as others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work. - We shall continuously improve our safety management system by proper implementation of safety procedures, our attitude towards safety to prevent any incidents, and accidents within our vicinity to comply with the rules and regulations of Occupational Safety and Health.


We, at the OKABE NIKOH CORP. are committed in providing environmental friendly quality precision metal parts to our customer.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we shall commit to comply with the requirement of the customers and applicable regulatory and legislative laws, requirements we are subscribed to, and to international and local quality and environmental standards.

We shall continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and Environmental Management System by improving our products and resources, our peoples’ outlook and attitude to protect environment against the possible impact of organization’s activities, products and services.

We shall seek to achieve mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers.

1. Reduction on electricity consumption.
2. Reduction on water consumption.
3. Rehabilitation of contaminated areas.
4. Proper handling, transporting, storing and disposing of chemicals.
5. Waste management (Solid and Hazardous waste).
6. Compliance to legal and other requirements.